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Technological innovation in porcelain tile production

Exclusive technologies that improve the technical performance of ceramic

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Through its steady technological advances, Ariana strives to constantly improve the technical performance of full-body porcelain and ceramic, with a special focus on functionality and ease of application. Ariana offers innovative solutions for the world of architectural design and installation of indoor and outdoor tiles.

Ceramic R-Evolution

Ceramic R-Evolution

The collection of 6 and 7 mm thick large-size slabs produced using CONTINUA+ technology from eco-sustainable body containing a minimum of 40% high-quality raw materials recycled from other production processes.



The system that facilitates installation of wood-effect planks. Thanks to their highly plastic bodies, the large-size ceramic pieces are more flexible and bond more powerfully to the screed, making them easier to install even with a custom layout.


A Ariana ceramic tile installation stands out for its design and for the renowned quality of Italian-made products manufactured in accordance with the strictest environmental standards. Ariana promotes sustainable building and is a member of Green Building Council Italia, the Italian association of leading companies committed to environmental sustainability in the building market. GBC Italia members promote environmental, economic and social responsibility through practical contributions to innovation, in the way that buildings are designed, built and used.

mission aziendale

ABK Group's mission focuses on key aspects such as technological innovation and improved quality of living through a strong focus on the environment.

standard di sostenibilità

ABK Group's products and production activities meet ever stricter standards of sustainability in keeping with green building principles. For its main collections, the company has taken steps to implement international standards right from the design stage.

impasto ECO-BODY

ECO-BODY containing a minimum 40% high-quality raw materials recycled from external processes is used for about 80% of production, as certified by the agency Bureau Veritas which provides accreditation for ECO-BODY products as part of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) international rating system